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It is said marriages are decided in heaven but celebrated on earth. A wedding is a onetime occasion in a man’s life. So, everyone from bride and groom to their parents wish that the affair should be monumental. The head of the family is worried as to how to arrange for the wedding. He has to hunt for different faculties to cater to his various needs. On the other hand, everyone in the family wants the event to be momentous.

A rather small man with immense aspirations and colossal dreams from as far away as Bulsar landed on the uncharted land of Bardoli. The region of Bardoli knows him as Dalesh Kapadia. He came to Bardoli on 25th November, 1979 and started business of mandap decoration under the name of Suraj Decorators. Today the name is enough, because it shines like the sun itself in the field of mandap decoration and event management among the affluent and NRIs in south Gujarat.
In the beginning Dalesh Kapadia used to build paltry mandaps with bamboo sticks and clothes with colorful designer fringes dangling in wind. This continues for about three decades. There came abrupt transformation in everything with the advent of the 21st century. On the other hand, Dalesh Kapadia’s son Krunal Kapadia came on the front foot. He showed interest in the business and started gaining grounds.

A new sun rose on the horizon of Suraj Decorators. There is a saying; chip off the old block. So is the case of Krunal Kapadia. Dalesh Kapadia’s son Krunal was born with the same acumen his father had. He was full of verve and sense of art which earned him a name in the field of event management. He has all the rudimentary knowledge of business and runs it with élan.

Krunal Kapadia started Rang Events from 2008 with zeal unfathomable. He started right from invitation cards (Kankotari, in Gujarati) to destination wedding. His expertise in hospitality business is incomparable. The Rang Events provides theme concepts with traditions in tune with the changing time. Indian Culture for Rang Events bears great importance. Rang Events has efficient, polite and smart staff to cater to all the needs of people during an event. So far as designing of clothes and sets are concerned, research is lay emphasis on. Light designing and venue are planned with the help of latest technology. Clients’ needs are taken care of as they are a source of knowledge and information. We add colors of imagination to the events and make clients’ dreams true. After all, client satisfaction is the first step of success in business.

Why you need the help of Rang Events is that we have experience of over 30 years in the field of hospitality business. Take advantage of our experienced staff and feel confident that your event will be an unforgettable memory. We will exceed your expectations. Rang Events has satisfied thousands people for their family functions across Gujarat. With our top expertise you can rest assured that we will supply the best of goods and service. The service will be unmatched. Put trust and the trust will be retained.